We are thrilled to announce the arrival of 35 BioSand filters in Kompong Khleang. These filters will provide clean water for over 200 residents in their respective homes in Outaput village. It will also provide clean water for all of our students while they study at school.

The filters have been arriving in groups and the remaining filters arrived last Saturday. A training was conducted by Sea and his clean water team so residents could understand the science behind the filters and the importance of daily use and maintenance. Afterwards, filters were brought to homes via mopeds and tractors where they were installed by clean water professionals. They will be monitored on a weekly and later monthly basis by Sea to ensure they are working properly and being well maintained.

We would like to give a special thank you to participants on our community based tours especially Simon & Marina, Alex & Google, Yen, Matt, and Julie as well as countless others who fundraised and donated to make this a reality. An additional thank you to Water for Cambodia who helped us devise a solution and built the filters for us.

Please find a photo gallery below with some highlights from last Saturday. Thank you again to everyone for your support! We look forward to keeping you updated on progress.


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